Introduction to Post-structuralist theory:

As any student of philosophy can attest, God met his untimely demise at the behest of Friedrich Nietzsche’s pen. Decades later, nihilistic furor, intoxicated with the death of the divine, birthed the conditions for post-structuralist Jacques Derrida’s iconic fixture of postmodernity: deconstruction. As the corpse of humanity’s celestial progenitor rotted away in an unmarked grave, existentialist-laced relativism primed itself to flood the vacuum of the godless landscape. One can envision the ghostly forebearers of Western civilization pacing restlessly, as Derrida delivered his provocative lecture, “Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences,” at John Hopkins University in…

He had overslept again.

The device on his bedside table, punctuated by a shrill whistle, announced ominously, “7 hours, and 32 minutes until your departure, Mr. Carl.”

His wife, Mrs. Carl, had already laid out his suit and was now downstairs preparing the final arrangements. Anyhow, he had envisioned today being more melancholy than it seemed to be. Transitions, even the most minor, customarily elicit some form of subconscious hesitation, but not this one. Whether due to fatigue or misguided assent, Mr. Carl’s indifference was apparent.

The suit, a standard black one issued by his employer, was an essential part…

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” — 1 Peter 5:10

(An excerpt from an essay, written 7/3/2019)

Finally, I lifted my cup.

I paused to reflect on those sacred breaths that were still entering and escaping my lungs, then I drank to the life of Christ.

Having joined my spiritual family, I was yet analyzing my earlier experience; the bread and juice joined together, and I invited the Spirit to continue working within…

(This is an essay I penned last year, reflecting on my experiences working at a summer camp in which I was the only white employee).

I prefer to think of myself as “enlightened” on matters of race in the United States, even though my interactions with people of color ranged from two (or maybe three) black or brown acquaintances before I reached the age of 16. At one time, we had an African-American woman attend our church, but I was far too young to understand the complexity of her decision to leave. …

The Latin prefix “limin” translates to “threshold.”” Therefore, “liminal space.” is literally a “place of transition.” A classical example of liminal space is the twilight. It’s the in-between; where all bets are off. It’s a place of ending and beginning, and the interplay of both. A liminal space is closely associated with rites of passages. For instance, the period of time between a high school student completing their core curriculum and receiving their diploma. However, a liminal place is not suitable for long-term growth, as it is — by definition — a transitory plane.

Ambiguity serves a purpose in illuminating…

A faint snap propelled a narrow beam of light into their shared bedroom.

She whispered, “Aaron, I know it’s late, but we really need to talk about this.”

Instinctively, he tightened his eyelids in response to the bedside light’s probing eyes. Their memories were scattered throughout the room; souvenirs and indescribable smiles lined the walls. He avoided peering at their bizarre collection of loveless artifacts.

After a time, he remarked, “I really don’t think it’d be helpful for either of us to argue about this stuff for the next two hours.”

He felt awkward with grappling his apathy in the…

“Where have you been? You didn’t call. I’ve been really worried.”

He hesitated, “Never-mind, I’m on my way home now. We’ll talk about it there. Goodbye.” The subway car droned, almost like it too was ready to reach its final destination. It was nearing 10:00 PM, and Jack was one of the few passengers left on the drab metro. Even after several years of working in Downtown Manhattan, Jack loathed his daily commute; muteness never seemed to frighten off a curious New Yorker. Regardless, he had missed two of his stops due to a rather unfortunate phone call involving his…

“Eschatology is not subordinate to the Gospel, but in many instances, it reinforces the substance of the Gospel.”

When white-collared academics and experts on religious history begin their postmortem on American evangelicalism, they will likely begin by citing the faulty theology that currently motivates many devoted believers within Christendom. Televised devotion, culturally appropriated piety, and nationalistic furor have attached themselves to the blonde-haired Christ pictured in the psyche of many believers. Manifested as an amalgamation of Americanism and seventeenth-century dogma, the resurrection of this particular Christ was heralded as proof of the evolving nature of religion.

Chick-fil-A, Christian radio stations, and faux-wood posters emblazoned with a sanitized excerpt from one of the Apostle Paul’s epistles constitute the artificial…

Electability Is A Myth in the Age of Trump

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The leading narrative of the 2020 primary has been relatively straightforward: nominating a center-left candidate, like former Vice President Joe Biden, is key to defeating President Donald Trump in the general election. Naturally, progressive candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are routinely dismissed by pundits and the broader media landscape. Pragmatism, they say, is the best strategy in 2020.

Ironically, these pundits argued similarly in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was more “electable” than her democratic-socialist opponent whom she narrowly edged out in the nominating process. Clinton was destined to…

In 2012, Seth Smith (pictured above, left) and I decided to combine our unpleasant voices and rambling theology into a series of increasingly bizarre YouTube videos that contained more laughs than an SNL sketch.

We created over 200 videos, fifty of which were designated as “sermons” on topics like jealousy, church attendance, and grace. In essence, the fifty sermons were cordial expressions of issues central to congregations across the evangelical spectrum.

While Seth was the initiator of “J and M,” it didn’t take long to convince me we could eventually etch out a place among the coveted “church space” there…

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Writer, freelance (culture, politics, and fiction). Supposedly audacious and controversial.

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